Alasdair Ross

Alasdair Ross is an expert in global affairs, economics and industry trends, and particularly the impact of technology on business and society. He writes and speaks on these topics for audiences around the world.

After completing a BA in psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University and travelling extensively in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Alasdair started his professional career as foreign correspondent in Latin America for publications including The Daily Telegraph and The Independent, covering issues as diverse as an unfolding guerrilla war in Peru, the world’s richest gold mine and the Colombian drugs trade. Returning to the UK to complete a Masters in Economics at the University of London, Alasdair worked as a writer at Latin American Newsletters and a business consultant at Oxford Analytica. He joined The Economist Group in 2001 and became the founding editor of Risk Briefing, a new service dedicated to measuring and analysing business risk in major markets around the world.

He later took charge of The Economist Intelligence Unit’s digital services at a time when the company was making the transition from print to online, developing and managing services on business risk, global affairs, economic forecasting and technology. During this period he saw the growing influence of digital technology on the business world from both inside and out, leading the company’s response to the threats and opportunities posed by AI and speaking to companies and institutions around the world about their own experience.

He conducted, oversaw or presented research for Huawei, Apple, Gartner, RFI Group, Ogilvy, Juniper and many other companies, and for public bodies and NGOs including Unicef, the Gates Foundation, the Institute for Global Peace, the House of Lords and the Scottish Parliament. He also contributed to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s corporate strategic planning as a member of the Management Committee, and led the company’s product development and innovation function, adapting a long-established company to a rapidly changing business environment.

Alasdair is now a consultant and speaker, bringing complex topics to life with bright language and a lively presentation style. He is also an accomplished chair and moderator, and a frequent contributor to program design.