Cambridge, Mass., and Boston

Business of Blockchain

May 2, 2019 | CAMBRIDGE (MA), U.S.

Digital technologies let people who’ve never met do business across borders and continents in an instant. But how can they trust one another without relying on bureaucracy and middlemen? How can security, identity, and ownership be guaranteed while still operating at the speed of the Internet?

 Blockchains, or distributed ledgers, may provide the answer.

MIT Technology Review, in collaboration with MIT Media Lab Digital Currency Initiative, invites you to a one-day conference examining the technology, ethics, and impact of blockchains.

Key themes from 2018 included:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of the underlying technology
  • How regulators around the world are taking a closer look at cryptocurrencies
  • Lessons learned from early blockchain projects in global industries, such as supply chain management and health care
  • The potential for blockchain to address pressing social challenges, from serving the unbanked to establishing refugees’ identities