EmTech China

January 19, 2019 - January 21, 2019 | Beijing

EmTech is a global series of conferences organized by MIT Technology Review Events. EmTech examines future trends and the technologies that will drive the new global economy. It’s where tech, business, and culture converge, and where you gain access to the most innovative people and companies in the world.

EmTech China is your opportunity to discover future trends and understand the technologies that will drive the new global economy. As the biggest EmTech conference, EmTech China will cover a wide range of tech topics, from artificial intelligence to biotech, and quantum computing to blockchain.

Key themes:

Innovation in the AI era: From agriculture to energy, and from healthcare to manufacturing, technology is revolutionizing industries. Artificial intelligence (AI), one of the new driving forces impacting every industry today, is poised to deliver fundamental changes across sectors. What will the impact be, what are the challenges, which industries will prosper, and which will get left behind?

Computing the world: Shrinking transistors have powered 50 years of advances in computing—but now other ways must be found to make computers more capable. Technology companies are working to offer new use cases for computers, as the exponential growth of computing power advances. Traditional hardware and software manufacturers now blur the boundaries between their respective roles, as technologies like AI make chip design more feasible and quantum computing advances challenge the status quo.

Limited world, unlimited blockchain: The revolution in financial services is under way—changing how services are distributed, consumed, and priced—thanks to emerging technologies such as blockchain, AI, cloud computing, and data analytics. Fintechs are succeeding as standalone businesses, reshaping customer expectations and setting a higher bar for the user experience. Incumbents are adapting and retaining many of their customers. How will fintech innovation change the global economy?

The future of work: AI and robotics are driving rapid and radical workplace transformation across all industries, for companies large and small. These and other emerging technologies, such as cloud computing, AI, advanced manufacturing, and Internet of Things, are changing jobs and business models in all industries, from medicine to retail. Will these changes empower the human workforce and open up new areas of economic growth, and what are the unintended consequences?

Space: The pursuit of autonomous flight and transportation technologies is reshaping the aerospace industry. New technologies such as AI raise questions of human agency and safety challenges, along with future-forward topics like interstellar travel, space labs, asteroid mining, and more. Startups around the world are joining aerospace giants like SpaceK and Blue Origin in developing commercial rocket launches and data sharing. Is the new space frontier today’s gold rush?

New material and new energy: Three cornerstones of our society: resources, materials, and information are evolving together. Will the search for an ideal energy source turn to be a long march without an end?

Top image credit: Sean Pavone