Global Panel executive lunch

January 24, 2019 | Singapore

AI has quite possibly been the most widely discussed technology theme of 2018. The projections for how these new big data, machine learning, and automation capabilities will transform cities, companies, and societies are startling, and causing policymakers and business leaders around the world to plan for a future where AI is a core competency. Experts increasingly view technological readiness, particularly having a sophisticated AI base, as a determinant of future competitiveness for nations and for companies.

To comprehensively examine the development of AI in Asia Pacific, MIT Technology Review Insights has designed Asia’s AI agenda, a research program looking at four distinct angles: Asia’s AI ecosystem, the leading use cases and business applications across the region, the evolving talent landscape, and the emerging discussions around AI and ethics. To produce this series, we conducted a survey of almost 900 executives across 13 markets, and over two dozen interviews with leading authorities from academia and industry.

Asia’s AI agenda: The ecosystem is the first paper of this series and it zooms into the ambitious plans of Asian governments for leadership in the AI era, and the success they are having in building fertile ecosystems that will attract much-needed AI talent and capital, as well as allowing companies to apply AI quickly and effectively across their organizations.

Join Elizabeth-Bramson Boudreau and Claire Beatty for an informal discussion over lunch with fellow Global Panel members to review the findings of this research and share your view on how AI is impacting business.