Global Panel executive lunch

February 23, 2020 | Dubai

For the MIT Technology Review Insights team, artificial intelligence (AI) is a primary area of our research. Through our MIT Technology Review Global Panel surveys, we have been exploring how global businesses and organizations are using AI today as well as the new use cases and business models that this powerful technology will enable in the future.

Our research shows that organizations worldwide regard AI as being an essential business process enabler, with some 70% of survey respondents reporting that they’ve adopted, or plan to adopt, AI, and just 1% saying AI will have no value for their companies. From product development to customer service, from finance to HR, there are few corners of the business where big data, automation and machine learning are not having an impact. At the same time, as with any major new area of innovation─particularly one as hyped as AI─the technology is only a small part of what is required to deliver true business transformation.

For 2020 our research will be focusing on what companies need to do to get real returns on their AI investments and how innovative companies are thinking about an AI-enabled future. Our new survey the “Global AI agenda” examines the potential for companies to develop new ecosystems of data sharing across value chains with suppliers, competitors, tech companies, and industry disruptors.

Join us for a lively discussion on how to use data effectively to realize business value and how innovative partnerships of data sharing will deliver new services, experiences and efficiencies.

Come share your own perspective and learn from informed peers.