Global Panel executive lunch

July 30, 2019 | Cambridge (MA)

For MIT Technology Review’s Insights team, artificial intelligence (AI) is a primary area of research this year. And so is the future of work. The two topics are very much intertwined: how will AI affect the way we live and work?

Through our MIT Technology Review Global Panel surveys, we have been exploring how global businesses and organizations are using AI today as well as how they are seeing work change, now and in the future.

Our research shows that organizations worldwide regard AI as having moved well beyond hype, with some 70 percent of survey respondents reporting that they’ve adopted, or plan to adopt, AI, and just 1 percent saying AI will have no value for their companies. Most companies using AI today are investing in the technology case by case, at 42 percent. We see this as a sign that individual business problems are driving the decision to use AI.

But we have more questions at the intersection of the future of work and the latest in AI technologies—and we’re seeking to answer them with an ongoing survey of our Global Panel members. For example, have you seen any jobs lost to technology in your organization? Are you seeing roles change and jobs being augmented by technology? Does your company have a centralized strategy that weighs the impact of technology on the nature of the work you do?

Join us for a lively discussion of these questions, some of the answers we are getting, and the research we are doing to determine how AI is transforming work. Come share your own perspective and learn from informed peers.