Global Panel executive lunch

March 28, 2019 | San Francisco

Every year since 2001, MIT Technology Review has a published a list of the 10 technologies we believe are the big breakthroughs of the year: innovations that are a clear advance in their field. The list helps our readers understand which technologies are likely to have the biggest impact on businesses and society. To create it, we solicit guidance and input from experts around the world: from companies, investment firms, and research labs.

Over the years, we’ve identified many technologies that have flourished and become part of our everyday lives. But sometimes we’re wrong … or, at least too early.

In 2001, we wrote about Stephen Quake’s work in microfluidics. Driven by the technologies used in gene sequencing machines and diagnostic devices, the market for microfluidics is expected to reach $4 billion by 2020 according to Lux Research.

In 2009, we found a smart personal assistant inside S-R-I, the Silicon Valley research giant, which astonished us by its naturalness. That became Siri, when Steve Jobs purchased it for Apple’s iPhone.

And in 2010, something we got wrong—social TV. We thought that social media and broadcast television would somehow merge into one, but that’s clearly not been the case.

This year, the 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2019 have been personally selected by Bill Gates. Join us for a lively discussion on 2019’s selection of the most notable technological advances of the past 12 months and why they matter for business.