Preparing for climate change: A serious business challenge

April 22, 2020
Devastating weather events and the injurious impact of human activity on the environment are moving much of the world to action. But which countries' efforts are really working?

With each passing day, governments and citizens the world over grow ever more anxious about climate change and the impact it is wreaking on the welfare of societies and economic growth. Last year saw a prodigious number of high-impact climate events, from the bushfires that have devastated Australia to a record-breaking hurricane season in North America.

Many governments have enacted policies and regulatory practices in recognition of the existential threat that climate change poses to the growth, health, and safety of current and future generations, with sustainability initiatives to develop greener sources of energy production, reduce transportation dependency, and reduce consumption levels. But fears persist that no single economy is doing enough to combat climate change, and some may not be rising to the challenge at all.

Which countries are making the most significant strides to lessen their carbon footprint? Which innovation ecosystems are contributing the most to global efforts to create sustainable materials, energy sources, electric transportation, and other green technologies? To answer these pressing questions, MIT Technology Review Insights, the magazine’s custom research division, is proposing to conduct research that will codify and rank the efforts of each country’s impact on the global environment. The resulting research will be thorough, thoughtful, and actionable—the premier thought leadership the MIT Technology Review audience demands.

This research effort is in partnership with

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