Autonomous driving: Safety first

Self-driving vehicle technology has made significant advancements; now there needs to be an industry standard for self-driving safely.

Evolving e-commerce in Asia: Preparing for the next wave of digitalization

The tensions in today’s digital marketplaces in Asia, the growing need to address them, and why cross-border collaboration can strengthen the region’s digital ecosystem.
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Western Europe
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Eastern Europe and Russia
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NOTES: Online transactions per capita per year

The new media’s role in politics

Infotainment, digital platforms, and social media have introduced instability and distortion into the political communications system, writes Georgetown professor Diana Owen.

Asia’s AI agenda: AI for business

Senior execs in Asia are adopting AI to improve the customer experience and business decision-making, but challenges such as a talent shortage and high costs loom.
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NOTES: Are you deploying ML?

Deep learning hope and hype

In this podcast, MIT Technology Review’s Will Knight discusses why researchers at the year’s biggest AI conference focused on how to keep human bias out of computer algorithms.