The fundamentals of hacking

April 29, 2019
MIT Technology Review’s Martin Giles discusses cyberattacks today—and how to handle the inevitable data breach.

This is an episode of “Business Lab,” MIT Technology Review’s new podcast that helps business leaders make sense of new technologies coming out of the lab and into the marketplace. 

The rise in ransomware incidents, hacking attacks, and data breaches have become a scary reality for organizations and individuals worldwide. Increasingly, the issue of cybersecurity and what organizations need to do to better protect their people and their systems now sit at the top of the priority list for business leaders.

In this episode, Martin Giles, the San Francisco bureau chief of MIT Technology Review, shares his view that the widespread dangers of a cyberattack have become a guarantee for organizations in all sectors and regions. Giles describes how cyberattackers are most likely to penetrate a company’s defenses, including through cloud storage, cloud services, and even hardware. He discusses some of the most striking trends in cybersecurity strategies, including the “death of the perimeter”—how the robust firewalls and strong anti-virus programs that were keeping companies safe no longer work. Giles shows how business leaders can focus on effective cyber hygiene and cyber health to help protect both organizations and society as a whole.

Top image credit: Monsit Jangariyawong/123RF